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The ability to recover critical business operations quickly in the even of disaster is essential to your businesses success, and often its reputation.

Whether you need onsite or cloud based storage, or a hybrid approach, IT SUPPORT EXPERTS will help determine where and how your business information is most effectively stored and served.

Cloud vs Onsite

  • Easy availability and collaboration for remote and office based workforces.
  • Scalable and flexible cloud processes may be quickly increased or decreased in response to business demand.
  • Requires internet connectivity. If you’re your telecommunication services experience outage, access to your data disappears along with it.
  • Whilst reputable cloud providers are generally highly secure, your business data is online and no longer locked in your data centre, secured within your private network.
  • With data stored locally, you have greater control of with direct access to files and backups.
  • Local file sharing and access. With direct access to your systems and data you are free
  • Operational expense including energy costs for equipment power, heating, and cooling.
  • Capital expense. Sizeable costs associated to initial purchase, renewal, and upgrade of equipment and software.

From one or more NAS devices to support growing file archives, to a complex storage Area Network (SAN) configurations including tape, disk arrays, and optical jukeboxes, our experienced network design and administration consultants can implement and support solutions of any size.