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Application Server administration

Your middle tier servers provide data access and persistence, and enterprise security control for business systems and applications. Often underpinned by an Enterprise Information Layer (EIS) where critical business information is housed, reliable access and performance of middleware is crucial to day to day business operation.

IT SUPPORT EXPERTS understands user demand, and the need for uninterrupted access to key business systems. Our team of vendor and technology qualified experts support following applications and environment, and are on hand to

  • Support unforeseen application errors
  • Assess requirements for and support installation of new architecture and applications
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance of architecture and business applications

Windows Servers

Designed by Microsoft and able to be deployed on site or hosted in the cloud, Windows Servers enable enterprise-level application access and use, data storage, and communication.

IT SUPPORT EXPERTS support performance monitoring, on demand administration, security audit and administration, configuration and analysis, disaster planning and recovery for all Windows operating systems; and our proactive managed services provide for onsite or remote support, and schedule upgrade and maintenance activities.

Database Servers

Responsible for the storage, analysis, transformation, archiving, and processing of your critical business data, your database servers may support one or applications, and may or may not host the applications which it supports. IT SUPPORT EXPERTS are able to plan, audit, deploy, scale, manage, and monitor the health of your business information services onsite or remotely.

  • Microsoft SQLM
  • MySQL
  • Teradata

Web Servers

Programs or physical severs that action on demand Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests, your web servers are responsible for the storage, processing, and dissemination of user web page requests. Multiple servers may be combined to support high demand sites or application, and often support server side scripting to enable customisation of application design and functionality.

Not limited to the internet, web servers are commonly associated with database servers enabling the dynamic retrieval, transformation, and visualisation of data through web based tools; and are also used to administer configuration interfaces for devices on your network such as printers and routers. Available for troubleshooting and performance monitoring, IT SUPPORT EXPERTS support the installation, customisation, and administration of:

  • Microsoft IIS
  • Apache Tomcat
  • (others: contact us)

Authentication Servers

AD user authentication and Single Sign on implementations.

  • Windows Active Directory (WinAD; AD)
  • Others