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Server installation and maintenance

Your servers are the foundation of your businesses performance. IT SUPPORT EXPERTS will work with you to understand your unique requirements. Supported by standard procedure, and applying proven implementation techniques our technical team will then assist in the selection of appropriate hardware, software, platforms, and infrastructure that support your business needs, and ensure a hassle free, secure, and scalable environment for your mission critical information and services. Our 24x7 proactive monitoring keeps us in front of outage and able to pinpoint issues before they result in downtime; and our regular reporting provides root cause analysis and the foresight required to plan and scale for future reliability.

Physical Servers (onsite and hosted)

Even with a notable shift to hosting implementation and utilisation of physical servers – onsite or hosted – continues to grow . Physical servers offer organisations the benefits of requiring only a single requisite skillset; and the ability to share or dedicate processing power for mission critical applications and virtual server instances. Excluding issue events, costs are easily measured and generally fixed – as is your hardware’s capacity and storage making failover and redundancy critical to keeping your systems and applications accessible.

Our IT SUPPORT EXPERTS help specify, design, and implement hardware, operating systems and configurations that enable achievement of business objectives; will plan and manage upgrades - freeing your engineers to focus on development initiatives; and are there when you need us: onsite or remotely.

Virtual Servers (cloud based)

Virtualisation allows organisations to segment a single physical server into multiple ‘virtual’ instances. Whereas a single physical server may run only one operating system and host a single platform or service, virtualised servers enable that same single server to host multiple operating systems and services scaled to meet varying performance requirement.

Cloud virtualisation further benefits from pay as you go pricing, on demand scaling, free data storage, and with automated backup it not only eradicates the risks of catastrophic hard drive failure, but reduces costs associated to backup and redundancy activities when compared to their physical counterparts.

  • Don’t buy rent Cloud virtualisation is a cost effective way of bring up permanent or temporary services quickly on an as-needs basis.
  • Fast recovery and live data migration With the ability to spin up a new instance and install environments in a matter of minutes to the costly activities of recovery from failure, or establishing new test and production systems is a thing of the past.
  • Flexible, scalable, fast Business need outstripping available performance – responsively add (or pair back) processors, memory and disk capacity with immediate effect.

With the managed hosting market providing access to innumerable providers and product packages, it is crucial your IT partner is able to appropriately advise the selection and ongoing maintenance of a superior yet cost effective and simplified solution.